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020 7460 5678


Allergy Clinic LondonAs part of your treatment process you maybe required to be admitted as a private in-patient under the care of Dr Brian O’Connor of the London Chest Clinic.

This admission is either planned or unplanned. Regardless of this, your admission is easily coordinated between the London Chest Clinic team (team) and the relevant key professionals within the hospital where you are to be admitted.

You will continue to be a patient of Dr  Brian O’Connor of the London Chest Clinic and will be visited by him during your admission as he manages your treatment pathway as an inpatient, and then approves your discharge once your treatment is completed and/or you condition has been managed effectively enough for you to be discharged by him.

During your stay as an in-patient, one of  Dr O’Connor team is available during working hours by telephone on (020 74605678) to discuss any concern or query you may have, as well as the  nurses directly on your ward who are there to look after you and manage with your Consultant your treatment regime.