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Payment Plans

London Chest Clinic Payment PlansAll consultations at London Chest Clinic are chargeable as this is a private medical clinic.

You do not have to hold a private medical health insurance to seek out private healthcare. A growing number of patients are choosing to ‘self pay’ so that they can obtain prompt access to clinical expertise and treatment from a Private Specialist Consultant of their choice, and/or through the referral process from their General Practitioner (GP).

All patients are responsible for settling their consultation fees whether you hold private healthcare or whether you are a ‘self paying’ patient.

Self Paying Patients

Consultation fees are payable on the day of your consultation

Insured Patients

Dr Brian O’Connor of the London Chest Clinic is recognised by most providers of private healthcare insurance within the UK. (please check with your insurer prior to attending appointment ).

This is also an opportunity to confirm the ‘level of cover’ on your policy and how you should go about booking your appointments, so that your treatment plan is covered within the boundaries of your insurance benefits.

As part of your Patient Registration process you must provide the details of your insurance company, name, membership number and if required your pre-authorisation number.

Insured Patients have two options of settling their bill, they can either pay on the day of consultation, where you will be provided with a receipt for your insurance, or you must provide your Insurance Membership details (at Patient Registration)

All Patients

Please note that your consultation fees are separate from charges applied to diagnostics, treatment, medication and or admission to hospital.

If you are an inpatient the same policy is applied regarding ‘self paying’ and ‘insured’ patients. Though as a self paying patient you will be required to pay a deposit towards your stay in hospital prior to your admission, and as an insured patient you must obtain pre-authorisation for your admission.. (See inpatients). Please speak to one of our team to discuss this further.

All patients are responsible for the settlement of all fees when you have had consultations at the London Chest Clinic. Therefore if there is a shortfall  then it is your responsibility to settle this shortfall directly to the London Chest Clinic.

We accept cheques, to be made payable to the London Chest Clinic, cash and major credit and debit cards.

For queries on consultation fees or any matter on your accounts please telephone: 020 7460 5678 or email [email protected]